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LEO Fund and Territories of Opportunity boost sustainable development in the region

In the municipality of Roberto Payán, located in the department of Nariño, in the south of the Colombian Pacific, opportunities are being created for the young population to organize around productive activities of a licit nature. 

The second half of the year 2022 marks the beginning of the second phase of implementation of the project De Sanquianga and Telembí pa'l Mundo, an initiative that seeks to consolidate the supply of eight digital production enterprises in the subregions of Sanquianga and Telembí, located on the southern Pacific coast of Colombia, in the department of Nariño.

Within the framework of this project funded by USAID's Territories of Opportunity program and thanks to the alliance with the LEO Fund, the RECOM RP collective, one of these eight groups, will begin the implementation of a project in their municipality, Roberto Payán. This initiative aims to contribute to the legal constitution of the collective, as well as to undertake a process of educommunication and culture, which will allow them to have an impact on the territory, through access to information to a community that lacks its own media and opportunities for social, educational and technological development for the population.

RECOM RP members are ready to continue strengthening themselves as an organization that promotes sustainable development and positive impacts in the regions.

The LEO Fund, as an international entity that cooperates with Civil Society organizations to achieve social changes that promote equal development opportunities in vulnerable communities, will support this project, called "Educommunication and culture in Territories of Opportunity", which will mobilize resources in the order of $ 16.435,400 (sixteen million four hundred and thirty-five thousand four hundred pesos) to benefit children, adolescents, young people and older adults, through the teaching of digital production and strengthening of community capacities, from the experience of culture and the rescue of the oral tradition.

Facebook: Recom RP Communication Network of Roberto Payán 

Instagram: recomrp


Audiovisual production workshops and filming experiences with the RECOM RP collective.

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