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Strategies for the Prevention of Family & Gender Violence, and Ensuring the Sustainability of Education in the Altos de Menga Neighborhood

With education and training in women's rights, the LEO Fund contributes to transforming a community in Cali, Colombia.

The governmentally mandated quarantine due to COVID-19 brought to light the domestic violence experienced by women, and the impact of this violence on school dropout rates for boys, girls, and adolescents in the Altos de Menga neighborhood of Cali, Colombia. According to Cali authorities, as of October 2020 femicides had increased by 100% as compared to the same period in 2019. 

In the midst of this difficult reality, the Talent Foundation, in partnership with the LEO Fund, initiated the project "Training Strategies for the Prevention of Family and Gender Violence, and for the ensured education of 40 children in the Altos de Menga neighborhood."

According to Lonis Miley Murillos, director of the Talent Foundation, close to 30 mothers have participated in workshops designed to educate and help identify family and gender violence, as well as establish a support group for women within the community. In addition to the workshops, a survey led by psychologist and lawyer Monica Home, identified that women at times believe that violent or inappropriate treatment by romantic partners is normal, and were unaware of governmental efforts to increase reporting and education in cases where personal rights are violated. 


Positive outcomes of this project, include increased awareness, education, community support, and the creation of formalized reporting processes for those directly impacted by violence or assault. 

This project also sought to ensure children within the community had access to ongoing education during the quarantine and subsequent school closures. Beginning in December, the Talent Foundation in partnership with the LEO fund, purchased (4) four laptops and secured internet service for student use. To allow for safe usage at the Talent Foundation, new flooring was installed, and disinfection equipment and procedures were implemented. 

According to Lonis, the project has been a great success. "We have internet and computers to help the children with their homework. This work we do, with the support of the LEO Fund, will ensure these children can continue their education and prepare themselves for a brighter future." 

Projects such as these are only made possible through the generous support of our LEO supporters. 

youth education and prevention of gender violence workshop

Participating in gender violence awareness workshop

LEO Fund provides computers for students in Colombia
working on homework at the Talent Foundation with computers provided by the LEO Fund

Using new computers to continue education

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