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1) Community leaders or project representatives will complete a project application in a format provided by the fund. They will send it by email for consideration.

2) Applications will be reviewed and considered by the Board of Directors (or their designees) for the approval determination.

3) If the project is approved, community leaders or representatives of organizations in Colombia will be notified.

4) If the applications are rejected, a notification will be sent about the reasons for the rejection or depending on the case, more information will be requested if necessary.

5) Arrangements will be made for the transfer of funds. The transfer process will be done through bank accounts belonging to the organizations that present the projects. In no case will funds be transferred to personal accounts.

6) During the execution of the project, follow-up reports will be requested to determine the effectiveness of the project or to define other areas of assistance needed.

7) At the end of the project, a final report will be delivered.

Village in Colombian countryside
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